About Us

Abaca Systems Ltd has been providing software to the Corrugated Packaging industry since 1991. We offer an integrated system designed to meet the needs of all packaging companies. If you are in the packaging business, Abaca Systems Ltd provide a one stop shop for all your business management software requirements.

The Abaca Team have many decades of packaging systems software experience between them, with the required depth in capacity to continue the iterative process of continuously evolving the system to meet customer needs.

So, who are we?

Alan Cartwright, Managing Director

Alan founded the company in 1991 when he saw a gap in the market for a packaging business system and remains restless to continue developing the Abaca system in line with changing market needs and available technology. With a logical mind-set that could get him a job on the star ship Enterprise, Alan helps customers to live long and prosper.



Graham Dickinson, Sales Director

Graham joined the Abaca Team in the early nineties and has overseen the sales and marketing of the business to the extent that we now have over 100 packaging plants with the Abaca system around Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is rumoured that he has enough air miles saved up to finance a small war…NATO will doubtless have him on speed dial.



Barbara Cartwright, Director

With a heroic level of diplomatic skill, Barbara is the Company Secretary as well being a founding Director at Abaca – helping to grow the business from infancy to one with a global reach



Dominic Batty, Technical Director

Not only is Dominic an IT whizz kid of the first order, but he is possessed of outstanding people and organisational skills that would be annoying to the jealously-minded; if he wasn’t also such a smashing lad. As such customers and suppliers alike are assured that a promise from Dominic will be carried through with more competence than you can shake a stick at.



Jim Ottley, Software Architect

Jim’s deep IT knowledge gives most of us mere mortals an inferiority complex. Give him a problem and he comes back with the solution – which also addresses the three other problems that you hadn’t thought about. Clearly, if they ever make Back to the Future 4, Jim would be a shoe-in for the professor’s role…don’t get him started on flux capacitors.



Sue Jacob, Applications Programmer

Sue’s programming skills are utterly impeccable. As a former Global Systems programmer, she is of course completely fluent in the Global programming language. Sue is also rumoured to be imperturbable under pressure – a serene cross between Bjorn Borg and an IT whiz. Alan did think about testing how much pressure she could withstand whilst still programming accurately, but Dominic was troubled that a flame thrower could not be easily reconciled with the company’s Health and Safety policy. A potential YouTube moment has alas been lost to us all…


Dave Featley, Applications Programmer

Dave, a former Global programmer, has been immersed in the foundation language of our system for many years before joining us. When answering tricky questions he’s polished, professional and considered to a fault; frankly he seems to have access to the sum of all knowledge on the subject of programming.



Jason Batty, Support Consultant

Jason is the very embodiment of helpfulness when it comes to supporting clients. His ice cool nature is a real asset to the business when the support desk occasionally gets very busy. Life is replete when he’s successfully resolved a customer’s concerns – a wonderful trait to have when you’re a Support Consultant.



Lorraine Baxendale, Support Consultant

The Abaca Team scoured the globe looking for the nicest human on God’s green earth…and were thrilled when they found Lorraine and persuaded her to join up. She’s a coiled spring waiting to pounce upon any support issues that may come in – with supreme determination to resolve any and all issues; and return the world to harmony.



Guy Thomas, Training and Installation Consultant

With years of box plant operations experience under his belt, Guy has bags of experience to call upon when going through an installation. He also has enough empathy to make a small moon –  a valuable commodity during the ‘go live’ process. However, it is his evil laugh that truly gives the game away – he is surely in training to be the next Bond villain. So don’t worry if you catch him muttering “No Mr Bond, I expect you to die” to himself…


Paul Holmes, Training and Installation Consultant

Paul is über-competent with all things IT and yes he’s structured and thorough when helping to install the business system. His knowledge of the gadget market is equally astounding be sure to ask him about his latest purchase when you see him next.