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Electronic Invoices from Board24 sheet feeding

We are pleased to report that Board24 have introduced electronic invoicing for their Abaca clients. Successful trials have taken place at 3 Boxes & Packaging sites and at The Cardboard Box Company Ltd. This means customers sending electronic orders into Board24 can now request them to provide electronic invoices which eliminates the need for the invoices to be manually processed in Packaging 3000. We would recommend this process as it's a big time saver.

Ribble Packaging offer a B2B solution for their Abaca customers

As part of their program of continuous improvement to provide the best possible service to customers, Ribble Packaging have just completed the implementation of Abaca’s business to business (B2B) system with Smart Packaging in Bristol.

Overview of our B2B facility for sheet feeders and sheet plants

If you are a sheet plant and buy sheet from any sheet feeder using our Packaging 3000 software, you can take advantage of times savings, cost savings and accurate transaction and stock management using our B2B software. This is free of charge to all users of Packaging 3000. 

For a quick simple overview of what B2B provides click on the link below

Corruseal Group install B2B across all sites

The B2B interface allows orders and invoices to be passed between different Packaging 3000 systems electronically saving vast amounts of time and ensuring total accuracy. The Corruseal group of 6 companies in South Africa has recognized the savings this provides and installed the B2B interfaces group wide.

Business to Business interface installed at Mpact Group in South Africa

Mpact (formerly Mondipak) in South Africa have joined the growing number of customers recognising the benefits of B2B transactions reducing the workload of their staff. Their Overboard operation in Springs near Johannesburg often buys board and finished goods from other group companies.  


Reedbut Group move to new B2B interface for inter company trading

The Reedbut group comprises of 4 companies who all intertrade with each other. To minimise processing they have all installed the new B2B interface.

New Abaca to Abaca business to business interface launched.

Newly Installed at Seyfert in Cape Town the interface sends sheet orders to Mpact. The interface advises Seyfert of any items where Mpact change the price or delivery date details. Mpact delivery bar coded sheet which Seyfert scan into their system and finally Mpact send electronic invoices which Seyfert import removing the need for them to be manually processed.