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Abaca's expansion continues at a pace

This is an article published in the November 2014 edition of International Paperboard Industry magazine detailing a number of ongoing software developments and the hiring of a new team of programmers to keep up with the pace of our expansion. 

New Helpdesk on its way

Following successful trials with a few customers we have selected a new and much improved helpdesk to handle support into the future.

FSC Accreditation for Ribble Packaging using Packaging 3000

On 31st March 2014 Ribble Packaging Limited successfully passed their FSC accreditation audit.

Earnie Payroll HMRC RTI Trial

Abaca Systems have been selected to participate in the Earnie Payroll RTI (Real Time Information) Pilot Trial starting from October 2012.

A well deserved promotion

We are pleased to announce that Dominic Batty has been appointed to the position of Technical Director. Dominic joined us nearly 14 years ago as a software developer after completing his degree at Sheffield University. He rose to the position of Technical Manager in 2006 and has continued to show his commitment and develop his skills within the business since. With the introduction of new developers into the company Dominic will gradually move into a more strategic role overseeing major project work for our customers.

Development team stengthened

We have just appointed Dave Featley as Applications Programmer. The intention is for Dave to shoulder some of Dominic's support and general programming workload thus freeing up time for Dominic to invest in bigger projects.  

Customer rebates added to estimating system

We have responded to recent requests to have Customer rebates in the system. You can now set a customer rebate percentage and see the true net profit in estimating. As part of the work to introduce the rebates, the costing screens have been given an overhaul with more flexibility now to view and input custom margin calculations from a library built up over the years. These changes will be rolled out during April.

New Credit Control system launched

Scheduled for launch this month,a new Abaca credit control module is a rule based program where actions are triggered based on the rules that are set up at company level. We stongly advise all customers to implement this new system which has had excellent reviews to date in terms of better debt control and time savings. Click here for more.

Paperless with Packaging 3000

The paperless office has been spoken of for at least three decades, but exponential increases in digital information storage capabilities appear to have done little to bring it about. However, Graham Dickinson says that the Packaging 3000 system makes it perfectly possible to run a corrugated business without the need for reams of paper stored in rows of filing cabinets.

Abaca's African connection

In 1997, a telephone call from Nairobi to UK based Abaca Systems Ltd provided the catalyst for the company to offer its software for sale outside of the UK for the first time. It also marked the beginning of a longstanding relationship with East Africa Packaging Industries (EAPI), and the establishment over subsequent years of a significant presence all over the African continent.