Finance Options

Whilst we are of course delighted that so many large packaging businesses continue to entrust their business system needs to Abaca, our market research identified an unmet demand from smaller businesses. There are also packaging companies who are part of groups for whom capital investment is simply not an option – for a variety of reasons. Both types of businesses frequently pointed to a frustration with their existing business system arrangements, which they held responsible for holding back growth.

We offer finance agreements to enable the cost of the software, installation, training and annual maintenance to be spread evenly over three and five years. We also offer another option of a pure rental agreement starting from as little as £1,000 per month (including support, development and maintenance), for a minimum of two years. These facilities can help smaller businesses as well as more established companies with their cash flow in these challenging economic times. Thus packaging companies now have access to a leading edge system to run and grow their business with – allowing them to more than compete and be better placed to meet their growth aspirations.