Frequently Asked Questions

What business types are supported?
Packaging 3000 works for:
Integrated plants
Sheet plants
Sheet feeders
Packaging distributors

We also supply software to companies who distribute products other than packaging

I thought yours was only a sheet plant system?
No, our customer base is spread throughout the different business types. Although currently 65% of our installations are within sheet plants, over 25% are within integrated plants, 5% are within sheet feeders and the remaining installations are evenly divided between distributors of both packaging and non-packaging materials.

How many personnel do Abaca employ?
We have a team of 14 professionals located here in the UK.

How many installations do Abaca have?
Our software is currently in operation in over 110 installations worldwide. 

How much does it cost?
It depends completely on the type of business and number of licences required. As a guide, per user licences are around £1,500 for large sites and £3,000 on small sites.

Do you offer finance?
Yes we do. As a licensed credit broker, we are able to offer finance deals at competitive rates with no complicated or intrusive credit checking requirements as credit decisions are made in house. In addition to finance, we are also able to provide rental systems on a two year contract basis.

How good is your support?
We operate an internet based support system monitored and controlled by a dedicated support desk manned Mon-Fri 9am-5pm UK time. Each incident is reviewed and assigned to the most relevant person in order to be resolved. Critical issues, however, can be reported directly by telephone.

Do you offer out of hours support?
If required, we can provide out of hours support by prior arrangement.

How much do you charge for development work?
New software features and enhancements to Packaging 3000 are included in the annual maintenance charge. We do not charge separately for these developments. If any specific customised development is required, then we can provide a quotation based on our normal daily rates for an agreed number of days development work.

What are the benefits?
Please refer to the customer testimonial area of the website. We can also arrange visits to our installations for you to view the system in operation and to see the benefits for yourself in a live processing environment..

Do you have to buy the whole system?
Yes, because it's an integrated system it can't be broken apart. The pricing structure, however, is based on the number of users, so if you are a small plant, then the purchase costs are much less for the whole system than those for a larger plant.

How long does it take to install Abaca?
The installation process is normally around 3-4 months from order to going live with the software. We have a skilled team of professionals who all come from within the packaging industry and so are able to understand your needs and configure a system that accurately and uniquely represents your business.