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Business to Business interface installed at Mpact Group in South Africa

Mpact (formerly Mondipak) in South Africa have joined the growing number of customers recognising the benefits of B2B transactions reducing the workload of their staff. Their Overboard operation in Springs near Johannesburg often buys board and finished goods from other group companies.  


Abaca's African connection

In 1997, a telephone call from Nairobi to UK based Abaca Systems Ltd provided the catalyst for the company to offer its software for sale outside of the UK for the first time. It also marked the beginning of a longstanding relationship with East Africa Packaging Industries (EAPI), and the establishment over subsequent years of a significant presence all over the African continent.

New Abaca to Abaca business to business interface launched.

Newly Installed at Seyfert in Cape Town the interface sends sheet orders to Mpact. The interface advises Seyfert of any items where Mpact change the price or delivery date details. Mpact delivery bar coded sheet which Seyfert scan into their system and finally Mpact send electronic invoices which Seyfert import removing the need for them to be manually processed.