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McLaren Packaging become Abaca's 100th Customer

We are delighted to have secured Mclaren Packaging as our 100th customer. They have brought us a new challenge as a manufacturer of spiral wound and shaped tubes which they supply to the whisky trade. We made additions to our system to accommodate these new products and the resulting installation was a great success. Click on the link below to read the whole article.

Dairi-Pak moves to Abaca

North Wales-based sheet plant Dairi-Pak installed the Abaca business system in Spring 2011.

Paperless with Packaging 3000

The paperless office has been spoken of for at least three decades, but exponential increases in digital information storage capabilities appear to have done little to bring it about. However, Graham Dickinson says that the Packaging 3000 system makes it perfectly possible to run a corrugated business without the need for reams of paper stored in rows of filing cabinets.

Belmont Packaging installs Abaca

Wigan-based sheet plant Belmont Packaging's Managing Director Sean Moloney opted to install the Abaca business system in Spring 2011 for a handful of key reasons:

Abaca's African connection

In 1997, a telephone call from Nairobi to UK based Abaca Systems Ltd provided the catalyst for the company to offer its software for sale outside of the UK for the first time. It also marked the beginning of a longstanding relationship with East Africa Packaging Industries (EAPI), and the establishment over subsequent years of a significant presence all over the African continent.

Ribble Packaging

This order took a long time to land. We first spoke to Ribble in the late 90’s but they initially chose another provider. We got a second chance in 2008 and were very pleased to be awarded the contract. Their high volume of deliveries prompted us to deliver a graphical program for despatch to be able to view the vehicles in the loading area and what has been loaded on them in order to efficiently manage their transport department.


This was our first venture in the Middle East. Since installing the software Caesarpac have shown a superb ability to drive themselves forward using the software to every advantage. They recently took a decision to go paperless on the shop floor. Using scheduling and shop floor data collection terminals they no longer need printed works orders.