Whether you are an integrated plant, sheet feeder, sheet plant or a packaging distributor, whatever your operation, our intelligent system is designed to suit all of your complex requirements. We offer a complete out of the box (pardon the pun) system. You don't need to worry about joining several pieces of software together to get a full system, ours does it all even the management accounts although we can connect to other ledgers if needed. The Packaging 3000 suite of software comes with all the modules shown in the diagram below. The only optional extras are that the stock system can be upgraded to being fully bar coded if required and we have an ecommerce module for internet sales if that is a requirement.


Integrated System

Optional Modules

  • ePack 3000 - Making your business active via the internet 24 hours a day.
  • RF 3000 - Bar coded stock control without wires for maximum stock accuracy.


Packaging 3000 - An integrated solution

For every element of your business cycle

Packaging 3000 is our core product, a fully integrated business management system bringing together all areas of your business within a single software package.

Integration ensures data is only entered once, helping to improve efficiency and reduce errors. The consistent look and feel of each area of the software helps users to learn and gain confidence more easily than if operating different packages for different tasks.

This fully integrated system allows authorised users unprecedented access to current, meaningful information subject to access permissions.


Global 3000 - Part of our integrated solution

Accounting software for all sizes of business

Global 3000 accounting goes way beyond statutory reporting. That’s because business today demands multi-dimensional analysis of revenues, costs, cash flow and assets, down to any level of detail. Global 3000 offers full multi-company and multi-currency processing, with unlimited profit centres and the option to retain as much historical data as you require. The combination of extensive built-in analysis functions and easy data exchange with industry standard tools makes for a uniquely powerful management reporting system.

General Ledger caters perfectly for companies with highly individual management accounting needs
Debtors Ledger maintains accurate control of you customer transactions and works with Packaging 3000 to provide real time credit and terms checking
Creditors Ledger includes a comprehensive auto payments system removing the need for manual cheques and therefore reducing bank charges
Cash Manager features interfaces with Global 3000 General, Debtors and Creditors ledgers


Document 3000 - Part of our integrated solution

Electronic documents for a paperless environment

Document 3000 is our document management system. It generates electronic copies of each document and delivers them to the printer or sends them directly to their destination by fax, email or EDI from the user’s desk. All you need to do is select the preferred document delivery method once for each customer or supplier and the system will follow your instructions until told otherwise.

No more queuing by the Fax machine

A paperless solution is realised as each document is stored in a secure, encrypted PDF file on your server

Simple retrieval of any document image with details of how and when it was sent

Email or fax to reduce overheads for long invoice or statement runs – eliminates folding, envelopes and postage


Reporting 3000 - Part of our integrated solution

A wealth of management reporting keeping you Informed about your business

This is our suite of operational and management reports. Each is delivered directly to your screen either as a pdf file or as an Excel spread sheet. You may view, save and distribute reports by fax or email as alternatives to printing. From your screen, you may select only the pages you wish to print which can be useful when only the summary totals are required. The pdf files produced are digitally encrypted and tamperproof.

Reports can be filed electronically as encrypted PDF files – saving on paper and storage
Print or distribute by fax or e-mail selected sections of very long reports
Standardised report formats for easy readability 
All reports available in PDF or Microsoft Excel format
Sales colleagues can connect remotely to produce reports in preparation for client meetings


ePack 3000 - A free of charge option

Making your business active via the Internet 24 hours a day

ePack3000 is the essential e-commerce facility for Packaging 3000 users. ePack3000 enables you and your customers access to information from Packaging 3000 in a safe and securely controlled manner by means of standard internet connections from anywhere in the world.

Customers can place orders 24 hours a day
Any changes made in Packaging 3000 are simultaneously made in ePack 3000

Click on the links below to see some examples of live ePack3000 installations



RF 3000 - The icing on the cake

Bar coded stock control without wires for maximum stock accuracy

RF3000 is our wireless bar coded stock control system. It enables you to book in your raw materials such as sheet board or paper reels by scanning bar codes and removing the need for a keyboard operator. The scanned stock is immediately reflected in the system and can be tracked around the warehouse and factory. RF3000 is capeable of scanning bar codes on products purchased from the vast majority of paper reel suppliers in UK based sheet feeders.

We produce bar coded pallet labels for your finished goods which can then be scanned either into your warehouse or onto vehicles for despatch.

Stock checking is made faster, more accurate and much easier with scanning replacing the traditional paper check lists.

Real time connected data updates
Stock accuracy greatly improved
Less computer terminal interaction for stock control
Radio frequency system meaning no docking stations
Paper reel stock management
Warehouse location control
Fully integrated with vehicle loading
Multi-site warehouse control



Scheduling 3000

Visual factory planning tool to simplify production planning.

Our new production scheduling product is a visual planning board giving a complete overview of production across all machines and time. The visual nature of the graphical interface allows you to see the jobs as blocks of variable length representing the time each will take to manufacture. The blocks contain several coloured indicators and flags which show the number of colours to print, the ink colours, the material availability, missing formes/stereos, stock replenishment jobs, 1st time run jobs, late jobs and so on.

Scheduling 3000 planning board

By placing the cursor over job you are presented with more detailed information about the job. This will also show links between the highlighted stage and other manufacturing stages for that job. An on screen graph shows the number of crew needed to run the factory throughout the day which is useful for factories where there is more machinery than crews to operate it and so the crews move around as required. The graph enables the scheduler to plan the crews as well as the machines. The system will schedule automatically based on customer required dates but then allows the scheduler to drag and drop jobs around the screen even allowing jobs to be dragged from one machine to another provided the job can be made on the new machine.