A wealth of management reporting keeping you Informed about your business

This is our suite of operational and management reports. Each is delivered directly to your screen either as a pdf file or as an Excel spread sheet. You can then view, save and send by fax or email giving you all the output options you might need as an alternative to printing. Because the report comes to screen first even if you do need to print it you have the option to select which pages are needed so if it's only the totals on the last page you need then that’s all you have to print. The pdf files are digitally encrypted and so are tamperproof.


Reports can be filed electronically as encrypted PDF files – saving on paper and storage
Print or distribute by fax or e-mail selected sections of very long reports
Standardised report formats for easy readability 
All reports available in PDF or Microsoft Excel format
Sales colleagues can prepare for client meetings by connecting remotely