Abaca Support

  • Online Support Desk

    The support desk is manned 9am - 5pm UK time Monday to Friday. Incidents are first logged on the customer support section of our web site. These are reviewed by our experienced customer support team. They've been assisting our customers for many years and have a vast knowledge of the software. They review the incidents and decide on the correct course of action. Although they're able to resolve the vast majority of incidents, where necessary, they will draw on the expertise of the training & implementation or software development teams.

    The internet based support facility prevents incidents from going astray and allows customers to review the progress of their support logs in real time. It also helps us to prioritise issues so that we can deal with them in the best order..

    Click here to access our Online Support Desk.

  • Remote Desktop Support

    Sometimes we need to see what the user is doing to resolve an issue. For this we have a product called TeamViewer which allows us to connect directly to the PC with a problem and see and control that PC as if we were sitting at the user’s desk. The user can also see the screen and explain the problem to us. This relatively new facility has made support more efficient as a picture conveys things much better and quicker than we humans.

    When instructed by our support desk download our Remote Desktop Support Application and launch Remote Desktop Support.

    This will run an application which will provide you with an ID number that can be passed to an Abaca Systems Support representative who will then be able to provide remote support to you.